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Our New Safety product!!!

"SPRINGBELT is arguably the most significant improvement in machinery operator restraint since seat belts were first fitted to some plant over 40m years ago.

Why is SPRINGBELT different?
Most fork truck seat belts are a development of automobile seat belts and as such have the buckles beside the seat where they can be difficult and frustrating to deploy and are forgotten. Loose belts simply fall down out of sight and out of mind

The SPRINGBELT concept is simple.
To be used it has to be easy. - If it is not used it continually obstructs.
It is a nuisance – That is until it is engaged. It's EASY - QUICK – SIMPLE- SAFE

SPRINGBELT is apparent even as the driver approaches the machine.
And then – as they sit down it is quick, easy - and hard to avoid.



Qantas searched for a way to have seat belts actually used on their Ground Service Equipment  (GSE) , so Qantas took a trial order of some 200 or so Springbelts  for testing on their Melbourne Airport GSE Plant

Following this evaluation Qantas installed a total of over 2300 Springbelt restraints  at Australian airports.



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