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Safe&Stop rear maneuvering active assistance system. It detects an obstacle in the maneuvering area, the driver gets alerted by acoustic and visual signals, automatic slowing down and blocking is activated thus avoiding risk of collision.​

How it works.

Whenever an obstacle is detected by the ultrasonic sensor placed at the rear of the vehicle, the driver is warned through acoustic and visual signals given by the display placed in the cabin; slowing down and blocking are automatically activated thus avoiding risk of collision.

BUSS SIS Proximity system in an active maneuvering system for forklift trucks and industrial vehicles which detects potential obstacles in the operating range of forklift truck. Whenever an imminent collision risk is spotted, visual and acoustic signals warn the operator, SIS automatically slows down and prevents the movement of the forklift truck before the accident occurs.

SIS- mainly operates in two critical situations:

 1) reverse maneuvering,

2) load lifting.


A compact design allows the sensor to be easily placed on the rear part of the truck.


Parameters can be adjusted according to user’s requirements through our software with the aim of having the system operating in any working place. Detections distances, acoustic and visual alarms may be adjusted according to specific requirements and lay-out.


Sturdy design, top notch materials and high grade electronics make it a reliable professional equipment.

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Forklift Proximity Sensors

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