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Over Speed Warning System


The system monitors the travel speed of any IC engine powered forklift truck and indicates when a set speed has been exceeded. The system does not govern the engine and can be set to the required speed limit to suit the specific application requirements.

When the truck reaches the set speed limit it will automatically activate a beacon on top of the truck, a buzzer and an LED, both fitted in the cab.

When the truck speed drops below the set speed limit, the unit will reset and warnings will cease. The system does not affect the performance of the truck as it is designed to act as a warning only.\

Key Features
  • Suitable for Gas, Diesel & Electric trucks

  • Can be offered with iTEch Speed 1 or Speed 6 systems

  • Advised for forklift truck operating areas that are used by pedestrians

  • Fully adjustable, Works in forward and reverse

  • Hydraulic lifting capacity of the vehicle is not affected

Key Benefits
  • Site safety is increased

  • Reduced insurance premiums can be achieved


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