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Fleet Management

PowerFleet® Expert
PowerFleet®Expert is an OEM-agnostic, economical and intelligent fleet management solution for medium-sized industrial truck fleets, such as forklifts. It is designed to make warehouse, manufacturing, distribution, retail, and construction environments safer. This easy-to-use system ensures that only authorized operators are allowed to use the equipment after having completed an electronic checklist and that impacts are recorded. PowerFleet® Essence is designed for simplicity: from simple installation to intuitive use and management. It delivers powerful results without consuming your time.

▪ Operator Console OC 55 with built-in display
▪ Access Control (RFID-card or pin code)
▪ Electronic Safety Checklists
▪ Impact Recording
▪ Start and turn on ignition via relay
▪ Easily installs on virtually any industrial vehicle (forklifts, tow tractors, etc.)
▪ Rugged construction withstands harsh environmental conditions

BENEFITS ... at a glance
▪ More safety
▪ Increased operation accountability
▪ Reduced maintenance costs
▪ Intuitive use
▪ Easy installation, easy Wifi set-up
▪ OEM-independent Creating a Culture of Safety!

▪ Informatics cloud-hosted software for data management
▪ Wi-Fi communication
▪ Comprehensive reports & graphing
▪ Record, up-and download of key vehicle/operator data automatically
▪ Languages currently available: EN, GER,FR, ES
... optionally with seat belt and seat switch sensor

PowerFleet® Infomatics software
▪ Cloud-hosted fleet management software
▪ Dashboard of events as configured
▪ Display list of all authorized operators for a vehicle
▪ Display list and status of all active vehicles
▪ Create, edit and display safety checklists for vehicles
▪ Create, configure and display impact detection and control parameters for vehicles
▪ Configure and display sensors and triggers for vehicle events such as seat and seatbelt switches, oil sensors, and timeouts
▪ Define, configure and display access control, impact, sensors, checklists, shifts, hour meters, maintenance, and other operational parameters for each vehicle
▪ Create and configure new vehicle operators and display a list of all authorized vehicle operators

Powerfleet Forklift management
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