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Wired and Wiresless Camera systems for all MHE

The system offers excellent visibility to the operator from a standard driving position. The camera is located on the vehicle and focuses on the area of sight required with an automatic iris compensating for the change in lighting conditions.

The pictures, sent live to the TFT 7” color flat screen located in an unobtrusive position, allow the driver to make adjustments to lifting or reversing directions. 

The system enhances health and safety levels, reducing the amount of damage caused by miscalculations made due to human error. Ideal for vehicles operating at height, the system is multi-voltage and will also work in cold stores as well as in yards.

Key Features
  • Can be fitted to any vehicle offering visibility with ease, clarity, and control

  • Level 1 Hardwired / Cable & Level 2 Wireless / Digitally Coded

  • Can be installed on all MHE

  • Can be installed on Forks, Carriage, Mast, Cabin, and on reverse.

  • Multiple cameras on one truck can also be installed to improve visibility, Especially on big trucks.

Key Benefits
  • Increased site safety

  • Reduced impact related damage and resulting cost

  • Enhanced efficiency when working at height


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