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LocaSafe is an innovative low-cost proximity warning system that is designed to improve workplace safety by reducing the risk of vehicle-personnel collisions. 

The LocaSafe system consists of a vehicle base station and a safety tag. It utilizes the Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology to accurately measure the distance between vehicles and pedestrians. Collision warnings will then be given to both the driver and the pedestrian in case their distance in between is smaller than a predefined critical distance. Special care has been taken in the design to ensure the system’s performance in complex situations.  A reliable warning will be given even when the vehicles/pedestrians are surrounded by pallets, hidden behind wall,s or in other non-line-of-sight situations.

The system is compact, flexible, and requires minimal maintains. It is suitable for various vehicles in both indoor and outdoor environments.

How it works.

  • The detection ability of the system is not affected by obstacles. Drivers and pedestrians will always receive reliable warnings even if they are not seen each other.

  • Both the base station and the tag have 360-degree detection coverage. Pedestrians is protected by the system from collisions from any direction.  

  • LocaSafe base station can be used to guard specific zones, such as a gate or a crossing. When a moving vehicle is close to the zone, the base station triggers alarm to notify pedestrians in the surrounding area about the approaching vehicle. 

  • The base station can be used to automatically stop machines in emergency situations, such as personnel is too close to the hazardous zone of a robot arm.

Pedestrian Warning System

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